During this special week we normally see up to 4000 children take part in one or more events at different locations in Winsford & Northwich. Our response for 2021 has comprised of virtual challenges working to this programme. The links below will take you to the recording of children from Hartford Manor and Grange Primary Schools completing the challenges on our YouTube channel:
Monday KS1 Challenge
Monday LKS2 Challenge
Monday UKS2 Challenge
Tuesday KS1 Challenge
Tuesday LKS2 Challenge
Tuesday UKS2 Challenge
Wednesday KS1 Challenge
Wednesday LKS2 Challenge
Wednesday UKS2 Challenge
Thursday KS1 Challenge
Thursday LKS2 Challenge
Thursday UKS2 Challenge
Friday KS1 Challenge
Friday LKS2 Challenge
Friday UKS2 Challenge

Due to the measures in place over the past months our 2020 programme was delivered ‘virtually’. The links below will take you to the video challenges on our YouTube channel:
#NSSWtogether Saturday AM – Wastepaper Basketball (Basketball MegaFest)
#NSSWtogether Saturday PM – Super Session (Adventure!Run!Challenge!)
#NSSWtogether Sunday AM – Horizontal Climbing (Multi-Skills)
#NSSWtogether Sunday PM – Target Games (Multi-Skills)
#NSSWtogether Monday AM – King of the Cones (Multi-Skills)
#NSSWtogether Monday PM – Race across the River (Adventure!Run!Challenge!)
#NSSWtogether Tuesday AM – Frisbee Golf (Tri-Golf)
#NSSWtogether Tuesday PM – Tap up Tennis (Mini-Tennis)
#NSSWtogether Wednesday AM – Cool Catcher (Rounders)
#NSSWtogether Wednesday PM – Sock Put (Athletics)
#NSSWtogether Thursday AM – Swipe & Swap (Balance Festival)
#NSSWtogether Thursday PM – Run & Ride (Duathlon)
#NSSWtogether Friday AM – Sock Boccia (TOTALSport)
#NSSWtogether Friday PM – Sock Wars (Tag Rugby)

Should you need any further support with using these challenges please contact your PE & School Sport Coordinator here (if you are based in a school) or use the contact form below for all other enquiries: