The Leadership Academy provided by Vale Royal School Sport Partnership is intended to offer support for young people in schools across Winsford & Northwich who are intending to take up a role as a leader in their school and/or a local community group. The Academy provides support for children from Y3 upwards to help develop their leadership skills, improve their delivery and enhance the overall impact of the programmes we run.

In 2020/21 our Leadership Academy will initially run as an online programme targeted at leaders working within their bubbles – click here to see the Youth Sport Trust’s Bubble leadership toolkit for further details of how this approach works. Content will also include aspects of our typical Change for Life Champions, PhysKids and School Sport Organising Crew Leader training.

A new ‘Virtual Leadership Academy’ episode will be shared every two weeks to allow participants time to consider what makes effective leaders and provide some simple challenges to try within their bubbles. Each episode will be less than 15 minutes long so could either be viewed in a classroom, a school hall (socially distant from leaders in other bubbles) or links could be sent to parents/carers for young leaders to watch at home.

Further videos with activity ideas for Years 1&2 will also be available for Bubble Leaders at the lower end of schools in due course.

When sending work to be shared please email this to and

Episode 1: Skills and Qualities of a Leader (requires paper and something to write with)

Episode 2: Smile!

Episode 3: Playleaders

Episode 4: Competition

Episode 5: Health & Wellbeing