Every Child Skips is a Vale Royal SSP campaign to encourage every child to take up skipping (or push their existing skills even further) in order to help improve their fitness, coordination and above all confidence!
We are pleased to be working in partnership with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ to develop suitable content and support schools with skipping ropes.
ECS will start with an introduction to the skill of Single Bounce Skipping and we will then release more skills and challenges each week. These tasks will then remain accessible via the members area of the website.

Teachers can use the following videos to help them understand the basic skipping skills before the children are asked to attempt the challenges which help you understand how they are getting on.
The young people can be shown these skills by their teacher (or an experienced leader) or they can watch these videos before trying them.

Teacher Introduction
Student’s Welcome
How to Skip
How to Single Bounce
How to Double Bounce
How to Run on the Spot
How to Slalom

*NEW* Trick Skipping
How to ‘Alternate Foot’
How to ‘Cross Over’
How to ‘Rodeo’
How to ‘Turning Rodeo’
How to ‘Side Swing’
How to ‘Pretzl’

There are a number of challenges and each challenge is broken down into three progressive stages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) so that all students are able to develop the skills at a rate appropriate to them.
As they successfully complete a task the students can mark it on their own ‘Record Sheet’ – they can move on to the next stage when you think it’s appropriate but the form allows space for them to repeat a challenge up to 7 times.
Click here to download the Secondary record sheet
If schools wish to track the progress of all children they can download the class record sheet here.

Single Bounce: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Double Bounce: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Run on the Spot: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Slalom: Bronze, Silver & Gold

*NEW* Trick Skipping
Alternate Foot: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Cross Over: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Rodeo: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Turning Rodeo: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Side Swing: Bronze, Silver & Gold
Pretzl: Bronze, Silver & Gold

Further resources and support
All secondary schools (and special school with secondary aged students) have been supplied with ropes but as part of our partnership with Dan the Skipping Man, schools within our Partnership can take advantage of great discounts on bulk orders of skipping ropes (#RopestoPupils). Due to the size of our partnership, orders from our schools will receive a 15% discount – just email dan@dantheskippingman.com mentioning ‘Vale Royal School Sport Partnership’ to order or click here to view the #RopetoPupils flyer.
These ropes are excellent quality and will help our pupils develop and improve their skipping using this series of videos and all the future offerings from the Dan the Skipping Man.
See more from Dan the Skipping Man at their YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/dantheskippingman