Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 will take place from 6th – 12th February 2023. This year’s theme is Let’s Connect. There are lots of resources, activities and games through Place2Be but at Vale Royal School Sport Partnership we have also created some great activities for you to utilise. Take a look at the resources from Place2Be: Primary resources & Secondary resources

We have worked with children from Comberbach Nursery & Primary School and Hartford Church of England High School to create two fun activities for each day. These are suitable for your classroom, hall or in the playground during break time.

There is very little preparation to do ahead of the week, other than some printing for a couple of the activities. We love the idea that the children can lead this – ask them to watch the videos and try them out. To view the videos, click on the title of each activity below or download the slideshows below and you will be taken to the challenge via our YouTube channel.

The week is all about connecting, so encouraging them to share ideas and work together is at the forefront …

Activity OneActivity Two
Monday 6thStand UpScarecrow Relay
Tuesday 7thCountKeepy Uppy
Wednesday 8thNumbers1-2-3-4
Thursday 9thExercise ChallengeShare the load
Friday 10thEgg Drop ChallengePass it on

If your school uses ‘Google for schools’ it may block YouTube content. To access the videos, try either to copy youtube link and paste it to different browser (Edge for example) or logout of your account in Chrome.

Day one slides with video links
Day two slides with video links
Day three slides with video links
Day four slides with video links
Day five slides with video links
Full week slideshow with video links

Archive of Past Childrens Mental Health Week Content

7th – 11th February 2022
To support Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 we created a range of physical activities centred on each of the 5 ways to wellbeing.
The week started with ‘Be Active’ day and for this we created a simple activity tracker which children could use throughout the week to monitor how active they have been and to help to raise the profile of the 60 Active Minutes campaign.
In addition to the main activity ideas we linked further resources for children, teachers and families including the Inclusion 2024 CPD programme and an assembly for us from Nicola Minichiello on ‘Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience’ – a great support for pupils approaching exams, tests and challenges of any kind!
To download the full programme with links to the activities please click here

1st – 7th February 2021
To support Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 we posted daily activities including challenges and problems for children to solve at home. The problems we’ve chosen were all for fun, to be mastered by careful planning, lateral thinking or trial and error!
Our timetable of activities was as follows:

Mon 1stProblem Solving ActivityWellbeing ActivitySolution to Problem Solving Activity
Tues 2ndProblem Solving ActivityWellbeing ActivitySolution to Problem Solving Activity
Weds 3rdProblem Solving ActivityWellbeing ActivitySolution to Problem Solving Activity
Thurs 4thProblem Solving ActivityWellbeing ActivitySolution to Problem Solving Activity
Fri 5thLive Challenge for children in school or at homeWellbeing Activity<<<
Sat/SunFamily Fun Challenge & Family Photo Walks<<<<<<

If you’d like to try other problem solving activities created for children and their families, you might like to download some of the resources below:
Bronze Globe problem
Murder Mystery problem