These challenges are there for schools to help them develop the skills young people need to play a variety of games and sports. The challenges feature 3 or more tasks which should be approached as activities to help children achieve a personal best, not to see who can achieve the most in their group or class – you’ll know that seeing children make big improvements through practice is really rewarding for you and for them.
When your children are able to confidently complete the tasks you might like to group children together and add up their scores to compete in small groups or teams against each other. You can use this to assess their understanding of the task/skill or as an intra-school (class, group, house etc) competition.
We hope you value using these challenges to help your children to become more confident, competent and motivated to take part in competitive activities!

The Challenges
New Age Kurling competition format
Boccia competition format
Football competition format
Rugby competition format
Hockey competition format
Netball competition format
Basketball competition format
Indoor Athletics competition format

The Lesson Plans
For each of these formats Vale Royal SSP have written example lesson plans to help teachers to develop the skills further. These plans will help children improve the skill in isolation but also within group activities and games. Remember that these will need to be adapted to ensure they match your children’s competence and confidence – your PESSCo can help you with this should you require.
New Age Kurling lesson plans
Boccia lesson plans
Football lesson plans
Rugby lesson plans
Hockey lesson plans
Netball lesson plans
Basketball lesson plans
Indoor Athletics lesson plans

What next?
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