Welcome to the PE Support page for schools in the Vale Royal School Sport Partnership! We have created this page to allow schools access to some of the activities we are recommend in support of Physical Education, Physical Activity (60 Active Minutes) and School Sport.


The plans and activities you can download here are designed to complement the School Games Competition programme which we encourage all teachers to get involved with. Staff can get further support (including in delivering lessons and competitions) from their PE & School Sport Coordinator (see PESSCo contact page here) or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

All activities have been created in line with current school guidance however we encourage staff to reflect on the activities in light of their own schools’ risk assessment (buildings, activities and COVID-19 related procedures) as this will be the most important guidance to follow. The activities are written as examples and should not to be followed without referring to up-to-date guidance and your own school processes. Most activities can be easily undertaken individually but as this is a set of examples we have intentionally included a number of small group tasks or activities which involve more than one person handling the same piece of equipment, meaning a different approach to distancing and cleaning may be required. It is therefore essential that you personalise any lesson plans to reflect your pupils individual abilities, the most current guidance and risk assessments available.

The COVID-related guidance documents we have followed include:

The national COVID-related resources to bring to your attention are:

The Home Activities Database
Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have been developing a database of online resources that can be used at home. Click here to access the database. 

The School Games Mark Framework
The School Games Mark Framework is a really simple and effective way of ensuring you are maximising the opportunity for PE, School Sport, Physical Activity and Wellbeing to contribute to your recovery curriculum. You can find out more by watching this short video or by going directly to your dashboard at www.yourschoolgames.com

COVID-19 Impacts: Physical Activities Directory
We have compiled a resource which helps schools find specific activities to support those most affected by COVID-19. You can use the directory to: 

  • Identify the impact(s) of COVID-19 that you are seeing in the children (page 3)
  • Look at the relevant page for that impact & choose from the activities suggested (pages 5-10)
  • Deliver activities in the classroom, at breaktime, during your PE lessons or to be shared with families to try at home
  • The directory can be used by Teachers, TAs and SENDCos either for targeted interventions or whole group work but also by school leaders to support ongoing development of your whole school priorities around your recovery curriculum

Click here to download the directory and use the contact page should you require any further help.

Multi-Skills Activities
Click here to visit the Multi Skills Challenge

Personal Best Lesson Plans
Click here to visits the Personal Best Lesson plans

TOP Sportsability Inclusion activities
Click here to visit the TOP Sportsability website to view videos and download activity cards for Disability Sports (such as Boccia and New Age Kurling) and Sports Adaptions (such as inclusive Football and Inclusive Hockey) – access to these resources is free for VRSSP member schools who will need the code YSTINCLUSION7 to register.

Competition & Challenge formats and accompanying lesson plans
We have created a series of lesson plans inspired by and linked to the School Games Pathway Competitions and our VRSSP Challenges. Click here to view the Virtual Competition Introduction video. Although the Winter School Games competition has now closed the formats, challenge documents and lesson plans can still be used – please click here.
Each can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below:
Cricket – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format & Lesson plans
Tennis – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format, Inclusive School Games format & Lesson plans
Golf – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format, Inclusive School Games format & Lesson plans
Athletics – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format & Lesson plans
Gymnastics Skills – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format 
Orienteering – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format & Lesson plans
Rounders – Y3/4 School Games format, Y5/6 School Games format & Lesson plans

Challenge formats
Running – click here to visit the Trek2Tokyo page. Click here to download Running lesson plans linked to the VRSSP Trek2Tokyo Running Challenge Programme
Skipping – click here to visit the Every Child Skips page

School Games Day Activity Bank
We have created a toolkit to help our schools plan fun, safe and progressive School Games Days throughout the year.
Click here to download the resource.

Stay at School (SAS) Residential Activity Bank
To help schools recreate the experiences which are so valuable when on a residential visit we have created a bank of activities which can be delivered on your own school site.
Click here to download the resource.

Active Schools page
Our Active Schools page can provide examples of how member schools have found ways to introduce more physical activity across the school day – click here to visit the page and remember that we are happy to support you to make any of these ideas work for your school.

Updates to the page will be made regularly so please keep checking in! In the meantime if you wish to view any of our Challenge programme (created whilst schools were closed to the majority of children) which can be used in a variety of ways please click here.

Should you require any further support please use the contact form below: