Vale Royal Mini Tennis Festival at Hartford Tennis Club

Schools in Vale Royal School Sport Partnership have many long established links with a wide range of community sports clubs and other organisations who delivering physical activity to young people.
The role of the SSP is to help schools create, develop and harness these links for the benefit of all young people and their families. We do this in four ways:
> support the creation of new links and strengthening of existing partnerships.
> raising the profile of opportunities locally by sharing information with our schools.
> collaborating with a selection of clubs/organisations to deliver events together.
> offer support to clubs/organisations who aim to strengthen their links to our schools.

Creating new links and strengthening existing partnerships
Schools can use our School Club Links agreement to direct any conversation around links with clubs or organisations. The agreement is designed to be simple to use whilst covering most of the possible areas of collaboration. The agreement can be downloaded by clicking here.

Raising the profile of opportunities locally by sharing information with our schools
We ensure that our schools are regularly updated via email/newletter with opportunities to share with their young people. We also maintain a School Club Links Directory which features the local organisations who have opted to take part.

Collaborating with a selection of clubs/organisation to deliver events together
Wherever possible our events offer a community pathway for the young people taking part. Over the past 15 years we have worked with a large number of clubs to support the delivery of Golf, Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics, Orienteering, Rugby, Rowing, Hockey & Basketball competitions and festivals – if your club is interested in supporting our events programme, please use the contact form to get in touch!

Offer support to clubs/organisations who aim to strengthen their links to our schools
The School Sport Partnership can offer support to clubs seeking to strengthen the links to schools by:
> helping clubs/organisations to understand school priorities and the role that they can play in supporting children’s development.
> using our insight to signpost clubs/organisations to the schools who will benefit most from partnering with them.
> offering direct links to young people through collaboration on the delivery of school competitions and festivals.
To arrange a meeting to discuss any of these aspects please use the contact form to get in touch.
We would strongly recommend that all community clubs/organisations consider becoming a member of Sported. Sported are an organisation funded by Sport England to offer help to any organisation delivering Sport Development outcomes (e.g. sports clubs/youth clubs/family centres) – their support may help develop your workforce, recruit new members, help with fundraising campaigns or create policies such as fair access. Membership of Sported is FREE. Clubs/Organisations can find out more by downloading their ‘what we do’ flyer or their membership flyer or by visiting the Sported website.